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5 tips for the best blogging

One of the on-line businesses you can start is to make a blog. This can cover different topics, such as travel, a particular culture or news. You can also make a cooking blog or about a musical instrument. Actually, the options are endless and it is a rather enjoyable task, which can generate medium and long-term revenue through traffic and advertising. Below we will give you the 5 best tips for the best blogging.

How to make a quality, attractive and high-traffic blog

Know the 5 tips for the best blogging

1. 60 character titles

According to research and statistics, the ideal thing to get a good blog with traffic is to have titles of about 60 characters. If it is a little less, that’s fine, but it should not exceed this amount. Long titles can confuse the audience and will not interest too much. People often surf the web very quickly, looking for fun and simple content. Therefore, a title too complex will not be positive. A very short title will not be attractive either.

2. Draws attention through the title of your article

Most people are very curious, so titles should awaken this feeling in them. Among the things you can do with your titles is to solve a certain problem, use numbers (10 tricks for, 5 shapes for, etc.) or reveal a certain secret (this is what you need to know to gain more followers). You can also play with the surprise factor like (discover the secret that professional athletes have been hiding for years). You can also use direct questions or seek to connect emotionally with your readers.

3. Schedule your blog and social media posts

Your blog should have a day in which you can place your posts. Ideally, it is Monday or Tuesday, as they are the times of greatest traffic on the internet. You can also do it on weekends, depending on the audience you’re addressing. Similarly, you’ll need to use a good social media strategy so you can get as many customers to read your articles.

4. Use a newsletter, depending on your blog

You can create a newsletter and place a call to action within your blog for people to subscribe to. In this way, you can generate a strategy with the different types of existing contacts and make lists to direct different types of content. It is important that the call-to-action buttons within your blog are visible and highlighted above the rest of the elements.

5. Stay in constant learning and generate strategies

It is important that you stay in constant learning and generate good strategies according to your audience type. In this way, you will be able to gain more and more readers and avoid falling into something routine, which leads them to boredom. It is important that before creating your blog you know exactly the topic you will address, as well as the type of people to whom the information you make is addressed. In the same way, you need to enjoy what you are doing, so that you can have patience and constancy at all times.

Use webmaster tools to enhance your blog

You will probably start your blog on WordPress hosting, with a free domain. However, if it’s something you really like to do and want to generate revenue from it, you can get better through:

  • A paid hosting or own domain, without the extension β€œWordPress.com”
  • Webmaster Tools for SEO
  • Keyword search engines
  • Newsletters or email marketing
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