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Everything you need to know about digital marketing

Everything you need to know about digital marketing

Digital Marketing is a growing trend nowadays. There is an increasing number of people who want to do business online. Or promote their existing business on social networks. If you are one of them, then below we’ll give you some of the key guidelines you should know about Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing consists of the compendium of necessary actions to transmit an online message and this generate income, create an audience and make an impact as a company. Inside this compendium you will find the creation of content, the management of social networks, graphic design and programming. As well as sales through advertisements and teleworking. We will now tell you the basics you need to know.

Digital Marketing with respect to social networks

One of the areas that stands out most within Digital Marketing is social networks. These are the key tools to boost your business or to create a product online. Among the most popular social networks we have Facebook. Which began as a university internal network and then became the giant that it is now. Almost anyone in the world has a Facebook profile.

In fact, this network is the most recommended to promote your company, no matter the industry. It has a number of options for ads, as well as tools for analyzing your audience to know the best times to publish content to generate engagement. The websites that follow it are also widely used as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and the most recent one, TikTok.

For creating an online business from scratch

Not all social networks can work for all types of businesses. When you’re analyzing which networks you’ll use, you should review your product’s DOFA matrix. Whether it’s creating a digital one from scratch or boosting an existing product. This will allow you to analyze the Weaknesses, Opportunities, Strengths and Threats of your product, as well as the target audience.

Depending on the age and activities of your audience, you can select the social networks that best suit them. For example, TikTok is a new network that is being used primarily by teenagers and people under 30. Therefore, if your product is aimed at this audience, it is recommended that you take it into account. Instagram is becoming very popular with almost all audiences, as it generates quality visual content. Facebook is primarily geared towards people between the ages of 25 and 45.

Digital Marketing to promote yourself as a teleworker

If you don’t want to start an online product from scratch, nor do you have a tangible product (e.g. a cheese, a car, or a clothing brand), you can still make good use of Digital Marketing. Simply YOU will be the brand you promote. You will then have to use the networks to promote your services, as well as have a portfolio of work to show for it. As with the previous products, you must analyze what kind of people your customers are.

Digital Marketing tools to generate valuable content

  • TO PRODUCE VIDEOS: Among the tools that will allow you to produce videos on full editing like placing eye-catching animations are Steller, Adobe Spark, WeVIdeo, EkoStudio, Boords, Storyboarder and Storyboardcreator. Many helpful toolboxes.
  • FOR IMAGE GALLERIES: if you want to find royalty-free images, the most recommended applications are Flickr, 500px, Unsplash and Pixabay. All of them with high quality libraries full of impressive images for your social networks.
  • FOR AUDIO: If you want to have high quality audios in your posts and not have problems with copyright, the most recommended applications are NCS, WhatFunk, Conver SL and Free Music Archive.

And if you want to have a place where you can get a little of everything, all royalty free, then you can go directly to Allthefreestock.com, a very useful site.

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