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Everything you need to know before starting a webpage on WordPress

Everything you need to know before starting a webpage on Wordpress

If you want to start an online business, you must have a nice website, which provides a good UX (User Experience). Similarly, it should have a good loading speed, as well as a striking structure for users. Among the existing content managers, WordPress stands out. It has lots of editable templates so you can make your website as you want. Similarly, it has multiple plug-ins that we will describe below.

What do you need before starting a webpage on WordPress?

Before you start your website you need to be clear about the business you are going to do. Among the key points to start a business, you should know:

The type of online business (courses, e-commerce, blog, etc.)

Who is it aimed at, your type of audience. 

The name of your company, which will help you to know the name of your domain. Usually, company and domain have the same name, so you should choose wisely.

The type of hosting you’ll need. There are several types of hosting depending on the space you require, the upload speed and how ambitious the project is.

Existing hosting types

Depending on the type of page you are going to perform, you will have different types of hosting. The most common are:

Shared Hosting: where you can host your page in a shared space with other websites. They will be all within one server and is ideal for when you want to make a small web project.

Dedicated server: you can share resources with other companies, but you will have a server exclusively for your website. It’s perfect for when we need to make a bigger and more ambitious project.

VPS Hosting: a web storage where the same server is split for different web pages. However, this type of hosting has greater advantages than shared hosting.

Cloud Hosting: here you will pay only for what you are using and usually, cloud hosting services are divided into different packages according to your needs.

Free Hosting: ideal for experimenting and learning. It usually places a lot of advertising on your page, and it is not suitable for serious projects.

How to use WordPress for your website

WordPress is the most popular content manager today. You can usually do two things: choose it for free or configure it within your hosting. If you use it for free, you can make a blog, and you can also buy a custom domain. If you set it up within your hosting, you should go to WordPress.org and link it to be able to use various plug-ins.

The best plugins for WordPress

Yoast SEO: is a plug-in designed to improve the SEO of your website. It features word length analysis, text length, keywords, readability of your text and much more. This plug-in also allows you to use meta tags, make redirects and also detect broken links on your website. It is one of the most popular plug-ins that currently exists.

WP Rocket: as we know, the loading speed of a web page is one of the most important elements to gain popularity. Therefore, this plug-in will help you to have a higher load speed and improve the elements that are on your page. It also offers the possibility to optimize the images found on your website.

Raffle Press: is a plug-in used to improve traffic on your website, as well as get more followers and subscribers. It allows you to link social networks to your website more effectively, for greater popularity.

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