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How to choose a hosting for your blog

What to know before choosing a hosting for your blog

Making a blog is one of the best online businesses that exist today. Therefore, you need to have the tools to make it popular, have more traffic and place it in the top of the search engines. It is important that you design your blog project as a product and analyze the size, type of articles, audience and tools you can use to make it better. Here we will teach you how to choose a hosting for your blog.

What you need to know before starting your blog and choose a hosting for your blog

Know the type of blog you want to do

You need to know the online product you are going to release before you start running it. A blog is a tool that will serve you to attract a lot of followers. Therefore, you need to know:

  • What is the central theme of the blog?, it can be a specific topic, a news blog, trivia or opinion articles. It can also be a blog dedicated to educating on a particular subject or a travel blog. Choose the central theme you will have.
  • How big you want it to be. You may be thinking of a small blog that has a modest number of followers. However, you might want a blog to appear in the top spots of the search engine. The choice of your hosting will depend on the type of traffic you want your website to have.
  • How much information your blog will have. If it is a blog that has too much information, obviously you should hire a large hosting and a Dedicated Server. Similarly, if you want a blog with brief information about a company or on a very specific topic, then you must have small packages, so as not to spend on what you will not use.

Know the types of hosting that exist

Depending on the size of your blog, there will be different types of hosting that you can hire. It should be noted that, most people start their blog for free, to try how the audience is reacting. It’s very simple, you just go to the page of WordPress.com and you start writing your entries using a pre-designed template. However, if you want to purchase a hosting from the start, to avoid big changes in the future, then you have:

  • Shared server hosting: this hosting has a server that is shared across multiple web pages. It’s perfect if your blog is small and doesn’t have too much information or if you’re making a small website for some personality or for some start-up company.
  • Virtual server hosting: in this case, the server is divided between multiple web pages but in a virtual way. It works for small projects, but it’s better than the shared server, since you have the option to pay for exactly what you’re using.
  • Cloud server hosting: a hosting that will host all the information on your website in the cloud. It also allows you to save money by spending only on what you are using and allows you to be aware of the information your blog uses.
  • Dedicated server hosting: it is a hosting for large blogs, which you want to get to the top options of the search engines. It is a hosting where the server will be only for your website and you will have a great quality in terms of load speed, cyber security and more.
  • Free Hosting: allows you to start your blog immediately, but eventually you will have to acquire more space and buy a personalized blog.

Find an attractive name for your domain

Most hosting services have the option in which you can choose a domain. Therefore, you will be able to find an attractive name and also see different suggestions. Try to choose a name that is not too long and easy to pronounce. Similarly, if you have a blog that will be internationalized, then you should avoid letters that lend themselves to phonetic confusion.

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