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How to use e-books to improve your brand

How to use e-books to improve your brand

E-books are tools that work for many types of digital marketing. So, if you have a digital company that is dedicated to education. And you want to make a digital magazine about a certain topic or simply want to make yourself known through an eye-catching portfolio; we tell you below how to use e-books to improve your brand.

For some years now, digital books have had good results. Many users choose them to be enjoyed by their mobile devices, such as computers and tablets. Likewise, they are resources that help platforms dedicated to teaching. If you have a project that could use these elements to generate more followers, here are some recommendations.

Using e-books you will improve your brand completely

One of the advantages of e-books is that the user will be able to download them and have them on his computer. This psychologically feels like acquiring a valuable object, so the user will feel comfortable with the information you have given him. You will also be able to show more authority on a subject by writing an e-book, than just by writing a post within a blog. It is worth noting that for some experts, e-books are the second leading source of content marketing.

However, you should make the e-book part of your content strategy. And not write it “for the sake of writing”, as it might not produce the desired effect. E-books build a lot of trust and authority in your brand. Studies indicate that more than 50% of customers buy from brands that demonstrate their authenticity, originality and authority in the area where they are operating.

Inside the e-book you may answer the usual questions of the customers in a creative way and with an attractive visual, which will get them hooked. If you can’t think of a topic for your e-book, you can search for a platform like Buzzsumo to find topics that haven’t been written about yet. Remember to generate quality content, make sure the chapters are original and have calls to action in the conclusions.

One thing you should take into account regarding your e-book is the design of it. The more professional and customized the design of your e-book, the more attractive it will be. Also, if you have a unique one, you will get more credibility from your customers.

Use the e-book as a central element of your marketing campaign

Many companies use e-books as central elements for their marketing campaigns. When it comes to complex issues, users have shown a preference for longer, more professional content. Than short, and look-alike ones. In addition, publications of more than 3000 words on complex subjects attract a greater number of readers. Who are looking for details and valuable content.

Therefore, your marketing campaign can have an e-book as a central element. This will allow you to demonstrate your authority on the subject and also use it once it is ready to generate publications, emails, promotions through infographics, videos, podcasts, live broadcasts and everything else that can be done around. Almost as if you were baptizing a real book.

In the same way you can use the e-book to create an E-mail marketing list, so you can offer it to all the new users when they are coming to your blog. E-mail marketing helps you to have a larger number of followers. You can have a specific landing page on your blog, with a call to action for them to register on your page in exchange for having your free e-book, for example. 

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