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Know the types of digital marketing

types of digital marketing

There is a lot of talk about Digital Marketing. You need to know that there are different types and it is essential to know them in order to implement your personal strategy.  You should not choose just one, but rather combine them so that together you can get your message across to people more effectively.

If you are thinking about starting an online company or you already have a physical product but you want to spread it and popularize it through social networks, then you must know the types of Digital Marketing. These will allow you to make a more detailed strategy for your product and you can reach more people in less time. We mention them below.

Combining the types of Digital Marketing you can get some good results

Content Marketplace: information that positions your brand

It is a marketing that helps to position your brand according to the generation of different types of content. While you are informing your customers, you will be able to keep them fed with news. And at the same time you will be reinforcing aspects of your brand. This marketing is the most used within blogs and social networks. And usually creative people are hired so that they can innovate and attract new customers as the days go by.

Inbound Marketing: customers will find your brand

This is the best type of marketing today, as it is non-invasive. In previous times, brands have always invaded potential customers. And required them to buy their products because they used to think they were the best. However, this strategy no longer works and the best thing to do is to make attractive information that nurtures customers. That informs them about a certain topic and then on a subliminal level, it suggests you that they buy the product.

Conversational marketing: customers talk about your brand positively

One of the forms of digital marketing today is conversational marketing, which will consist of getting your customers to talk positively about the brand. You will not only sell a product, but an experience. A feeling that will be worth sharing with others and that will attract multiple followers. It is one of the most effective ways of marketing today.

Permission marketing: you ask customers for permission to send them information

In this case, you will ask the customer’s permission to send them certain information. To subscribe to a newsletter and advertising about your business from time to time. This is a marketing that usually works mainly in brands that are associated with the generation of useful content. For example if you have a blog associated with entrepreneurship and the same blog is the product you are promoting.

Relationship marketing: you emphasize your relationship with customers

In this type of digital marketing, customers and their wishes come first. Therefore, you will be aware of their needs so that you can customize the product according to their requirements. The main objective of this type of marketing is that customers are loyal to your brand and that a long-term relationship is created. It will be intrinsically related to conversational marketing.

The idea is that if you are trying to boost your business and you can help yourself by combining several of these types of marketing. It is worth noting that, like social media, not all types of marketing work for all brands, so it is imperative that you do a briefing beforehand to understand the real needs of your product and to be able to take it forward, to gain quality followers in the shortest time possible.

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