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The 5 ineffective ways of doing digital marketing

The 5 ineffective ways of doing digital marketing

Almost every post about online business tells us about the ways in which we can become successful on social networks. However, in this post we will tell you about the ineffective ways ineffective ways of doing digital marketing for your online business. As in any other area, there are always exceptions, but try to avoid making these mistakes if you are projecting your brand.

Having a digital brand is not an easy task, it requires a lot of patience and many times we think we are not doing the right thing because the results are showing up very slowly. Maybe we get few followers that week in our social networks or customers do not generate as much loyalty to our brand as we want.

Know these 5 ineffective ways of doing digital marketing

1. – Not clear about the briefing

As in all situations where you are selling a product, you need to be clear about what you are selling and for whom. Similarly, a product that has not been analyzed in terms of its weaknesses, opportunities, threats and strengths may be stagnant because it does not have a clear sales strategy. Make a briefing with the characteristics of your product and the campaigns you are going to use. If you don’t have many ideas, seek advice.

2. – Do not take time to plan

Maybe you feel that if you don’t go public at a certain time, the world is going to end. So you decide to start publishing without much awareness of what you’re implying to the public and with confusing messages. Wrong! The more time you take to plan what you are publishing, the better results you will have. This is because the web is full of information and if you start publishing without a clear message, you will not be targeted.

Create goals you want to achieve and set a date for them. Create indicators, imagine everything you want to achieve in the medium and long term with figures. Think about the possible advertising investments that you can make so that you can achieve better results in less time.

3. – Not understanding your type of audience

This can be one of the worst mistakes you make when you want to start a blog or a digital product of any kind. The target audience must be well defined and will determine the type of campaign you are going to do and the turns your product will take as days, months or years go by. Knowing with certainty who the product is aimed at, where, how and when, will make the message valid and attractive.

4. – Not using the right social networks

There are currently six networks that are most used: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIN and TikTok. However, not all of them work for all types of digital products. Therefore, you should analyze the channels you are using with respect to the type of message and again, the type of audience you want to reach.

5- Making too much content and saturating the audience

If you check the profiles of some influencers or people who have a lot of followers in their social networks, you will realize that some of them do not even publish daily. This is because of their target audience, they have a certain strategy that helps them. The production of excessive content will not have good consequences in most cases. Remember that less is more and a strong message is worth much more than a lot of easily forgotten content. Don’t waste the content of your networks.

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