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WordPress SEO: Tutorial

Wordpress SEO

One of the most important elements when creating a website is the content. In previous decades, we simply placed texts and photographs associated with our subject and that was enough. However, thousands of pages are created day by day and now the goal is not only to make a website attractive; but to appear in the first places of the search engines. In this way, we will generate more traffic, will attract more customers... And we will be able to earn money through the advertising of our page.

The importance of SEO for your website

SEO stands for Search Word Optimization. By SEO we can understand the strategies applied so that our website can have more traffic and can gain popularity. The goal is to get our website to be in the first places within the search engines. To do this, we can play with the keywords, codes and content of our page in general. If you have good SEO, when users search the web for information about your topic, they will be able to find you easily.

Most web pages are not written by users in browsers directly. On the contrary, they search for information about a particular topic in search engines and will enter the websites that are on the first page of results. That is why it is important to make a good SEO strategy, so that the page can have the right traffic and gain customers at greater speed.

WordPress SEO, the most used tool

Among the most popular SEO tools today we have WordPress. This is a Content Manager where you can make your website through specific templates and plug-ins. You don’t need to be a code genius or a computer expert to make a website functional, attractive and with a lot of traffic, thanks to this tool. It should be noted that at first, WordPress will give you the option to be hidden from search engines, so you can build your page without pressure.

When you’re done building your website, you’ll need to disable it in order to start your SEO strategy. This button is located in “Settings “”Reading” and “search Engine Visibility”. Another element within WordPress SEO that you should take into account is the friendly URLs. These are at the top and can be edited, so that they have the title of the content in a summarized and precise way. In the “settings” part there is also a section where you can check the “permalinks” and see how they are configured.

The best WordPress plugins for SEO

Within WordPress you can find a series of plug-ins that will help you with your SEO. The most used is Yoast SEO, a tool that will allow you to:

  • Analyze the paragraphs of your entries
  • Check keywords
  • Place tags on images
  • Analyze how readable the article you have made
  • And more.

You can also go to the plug-in called All in One SEO Pack, where you will have very similar tools.

Importance of XML Sitemaps and Google Search Console

Within WordPress you can also configure two elements. The first consists of XML Sitemaps, which are formatted files so that they can count the pages that make up your website. This way, search engines can find your content more easily. It should be noted, that with the Yoast SEO tool these files will be created automatically.

Another element you can use is the Google Search Console. Here you can check how the content of your website looks from the search engine point of view. In addition, the tool provides reports to keep improving day by day. If you are not using Yoast SEO, you will need to add your website to Google Search Console via the “sitemaps” option in the index menu.

It is important that to use WordPress SEO also have certain knowledge about optimization, and do not leave all the work to the plug-ins. Remember to use short sentences in your texts, easy-to-read words, research keywords and also analyze the title you will place. Remember to use appropriate tags as well as categories for your texts.

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